• What about mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are not a issue as the water in a natural pool is always moving and is aerobic both of which mosquitoes don't like. They prefer stagnant, anaerobic water. 

  • Can we install a auto cover?

Yes as long as it is designed for such.

  • Can we add fish?

Although the fish would love it the answer is "no" as we are creating controlled ecosystem and the fish would disturb such a balance.

  • How hot can water get?

 Water in a natural pool can only reach 86 degrees.

  • How does it compare in costs to a traditional gunite pool?

Natural pool costs are approximately the same per square foot but do to a natural pools  two part design one being the swimming zone and other being the plant zone it's usually twice the size of the desired  pool so for a rule of thumb a natural pool may cost double of that of a traditional gunite pool. Natural pools can also be made out of a very high quality liner, "not" like a tradional liner pool. Shape, size, location, design all play part in the cost of creating a natural pool.

  • Can it be built with a liner?

Yes. But nothing like a traditional vinyl pool. We use a imported liner that is fit in place

  • Can you add a spa?

You can add a spa but it will not be able to get over 86 degrees. We recommend a separate fiberglass or gunite spa.

  • Can you renovate my existing pool to a natural pool ?

 Absolutely upon reviewing your existing pool we would offer the best solution.

  • Does it get winterized?

Yes much like a traditional swimming pool but usually does not get covered in the winter unless properly designed for such. A uncovered natural pool with proper attention may also be used as a ice rink for winter enjoyment or for the visual beauty of a frozen pond.

  • What about town and state codes?

We build all our natural pools with all the appropriate permits, inspections and meet all safety codes much like a traditional swimming pool. Meeting the fencing code will also be mandatory requirement. 

  • What about maintenance?

In the swimming zone maintenance is much like a traditional pool, periodically  brushing and checking of water not for chemicals but assure water quality, as part of your natural pool we will include a robotic vacuum made to specifically clean natural pools only, this robotic vacuum will operate on a daily basis.  The Biotop patented "animal friendly" skimmers most be cleaned regularly as well as the pumps. Iin the plant zone maintenance is much like a water garden. Removing undesired debris and plants, cutting back and trimming the desired plants as needed and installing new plants if necessary.

If the above maintenance is not for you and you simply want to enjoy all the benefits of swimming in these natural pools, Natural Aquatics LLC. Offers full maintenance services of these amazing natural pools.

  • Will there be algae in the pool?

Yes. We are creating a thriving "living" ecosystem and algae are just simply part of it. The Biotop system is designed to aggressively starve the algae from getting out of control. Other than being unsightly there is nothing harmful about algae. 

  • Why does the water sometimes look so green?

You may encounter a photo of a Biotop pool using a olive green liner which in fact is the European trend  which creates the "illusion" of green water , If you were luckily enough to see this pool in person or any other Biotop pool the water would be clear as a lake. When you see a photo like such it is due to the color of the material being used whether it be a liner and or concrete. There are numerous ways to alter the waters appearance to meet your request.