We are proud to offer our clients name brand mechanicals for their pools and or spas such as Jandy, Pentair, Sta-Rite, RayPak, Hayward, Polaris, Waterway etc. These companies have proven themselves to be the best.

Natural Aquatics LLC. is educated in the above brands and has a working relations with such companies if a issues arise.

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We offer swimming pool automation to our clients through Jandy, Pentair and Hayward. Automation controllers make managing your pool and or spa a breeze. With such a controller you can program numerous schedules that will turn on and shut off such things as filter, vacuum, waterfalls, lights etc. You can set and or schedule the water temperature. It will even automate pipe valves. Once programmed all you need to do is touch a button or two. These controllers are designed to be homeowner friendly. Controlling such automation is usually done via a in home controller, and if applicable a spa side remote with the newest option being a App for computers and smart phones. You can now control your pool anywhere in the world via your App. Away for the weekend and forgot to shut off the spa heat from last night and no one is there to shut it off and you are just wasting fuel?....not a problem just use your smart phone and simply turn the spa heat off. Flying in from a long business trip and just want to enjoy your spa when you get home ?.... no problem just log in and turn your spa on so when you get home its already at temperature.. It's that simple.


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Swimming pool pumps have come a long way with the newest pumps being variable speed with magnetic drive motors. These pumps can produce up to a 90% energy savings compared to a old single speed pump. Some of these pumps actual have the "energy star" certification. In some states a variable speed pump may qualify you for a rebate etc. New testing has shown that it is cheaper and better to run these variable speed pumps 24 hours a day at various speeds than a single speed pump running 12 hours a day and because the pool is circulating 24 hours a day water chemistry will be more staple resulting in less chemicals being used. Variable speed pumps when connected to automation provide the ability to raise or lower the pump speed via any of their controllers. Wish your spa jets where a little stronger?... just raise the speed of the pump via you controller. Where applicable variable speed pumps are used on all of our projects.


Due to state and town codes and the personal belief of Natural Aquatics LLC. only cartridge filters are used. By using a cartridge you are saving countless gallons of chemically treated water that would usually be backwashed out of a sand or D.E. filter and discharged into your property.

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Mostly high efficient electronic low NOx heaters are being used with about a 82% efficiency. Higher efficiency is available at a substantial increase in cost.
In some cases a heat exchanger can be installed. A heat exchanger will connect to you homes boiler system and work just like if it was another room with its own thermostat. In some cases this may be the simplest, easiest and most effective way to heat your pool and or spa.
A heat pump may be a great choose to consider either as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a fuel fired heater. For a simple understanding a heat pump is similar to a air conditioner in which the unit will suck in the hot air and threw an exchange of gas temperatures create the cold air of a air conditioner in a heat pump that gas is heated which is absorbed into the water. Heat pumps are for pools only they will "not" work with a spa. Heat pumps do not use a fuel source they are powered by electricity usually between 40 and 60 amps. Do not be scared by the amperage, most of the amperage is needed upon start up only, once running these heat pumps are very efficient. Although heat pumps work off electricity "do not" confuse them with "electric" heaters that are extremely costly to operate and may take up to 200 amps to operate" all" the time. In order for a heat pump to operate correctly it must be placed per manufacturer's direction, usually more open visually and to the sun. The only down fall of a heat pump is that it s not capable to raise water temperature quickly. Once temperature is at the desired temperature which may take days to acquire with the heat pump it works efficiently to maintain temperature. If feasible the best combination is one that consists of a fuel fired heater and a heat pump. Such a system will generate a quick temperature rise and once that temperature is achieved the height pump will maintain temperature more efficiently than the fuel fired heater. This combination will also support a pool and spa combination in which the fuel fired heater can heat the spa usually within minutes and maintain such temperature. With today's technology we are also seeing pools being heating via geo thermal and solar.


There are numerous ways to sanitize your pool and or spas water. In 2015 Natural Aquatics LLC. has made conscience choice to stop the using chlorinators as the sole source of sanitation and in their pools. So what are my options?

Salt water generators

They have been around for a long time and do work but are not as easy as everybody makes them out to be. They do not create salt as most people think, but instead several hundred pounds of salt have to be manual added to your pools water at which point a electrolytic process uses the salt molecule to create pure chlorine threw the salt generator. The large amounts of salt added do create corrosive water and a sacrificial anode should be installed. There is no such thing as a true salt water pool.


A proven sanitizer and there are numerous companies selling them in various forms. The basis for ionization is adding any or all of the following: copper, silver and titanium etc. threw a electrolysis cell(s). Question: Did you know copper has been used for centuries to sanitize water?
Did you know that in the old west wagon trains where supplied with barrels of drinking water that had a copper and silver coin dropped into them ?Its been known for centuries that Silver by itself will kill bacteria and copper will kill algae.
U.V. Light (ultra violet light): The sun emits invisible light called ultra violet light. This phenomenon is reproduced by powerful UV ray lamps. U.V.lights penetrates and disrupts the germ cell metabolism of viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast, mold etc. A oxidizer (chlorine/salt) is still needed with the use of a U.V. light but the amount will be greatly reduced. The actual U.V. light has a estimated life of two to three years.


There are two types of ozone systems, corona discharge (CD) and vacuum ultra violet lights often referred to as UV ozone or very ultra violet ozone. Both options have their good points and bad points and in reality offer the same result. Ozone is a sanitizer and oxidizer thus there may still be needs to use chlorine etc? Although it does both it is better oxidizer than a sanitizer. It eliminates skin and eye irritation and hair damage. No chemical odors from ozone itself. Ozone is a gas introduced into the water by a venturi injector or with direct injection or diffusers. Ozone generators are placed in line with pool plumbing. For the best saturation of ozone very fine bubbles of ozone gas provide a large surface area of ozone contact. A simple understanding of ozone is that it will attach to any organic which results in oxidation of the organic resulting in its destruction. In U.V ozone applications the bulb is estimated to last between 6 and 12 months. In general all ozonator are more costly than other sanitizer/oxidizer systems. Although it sounds like a perfect option it is simply much more costly to purchase and maintain as well as to operate effectively.
Natural Aquatics LLC. are Connecticut's dealer for CL Clean, the ultimate water sanitizer system using ionization with co2. To learn more (press here)


The new trend in pool and spa lighting is LED technology whether it is a solid white or multicolored. Once connected to automation you can change the light color to your favorite or simply let the light go through an endless loop of colors. You can even add landscape lighting that will synchronize with your colored pool lights.

Automatic Pool And Or Spa Covers

Natural Aquatics LLC. Has been installing automatic swimming pool and spa covers for over 30 years. We install the HydraMatic by Aquamatic and Cover Pool cover systems and on request will install similar products. There are numerous methods of installing a automatic safety cover and thought in the pool and or spa designed is a important factor to consider. If safety is less of a issue and or your pool shape is not suitable for a automatic safety cover or creating a more efficient thermal barrier is a hydraLux automatic cover may be a option. Although the HyraLux cover provides some safety it is not considered a safety cover as the edges of the cover are open. They are a great option to freeform shape pool and spas. Safety covers use a fabric to cover the water surface and HydraLux and similar products use a hundreds of plastic tongue and groove strip panels approximately 2" long creating a one piece flexible panel. Both products are sold in various colors and installation options. An automatic cover can be a great addition to any pool. An automatic pool safety cover works as a complete barrier separating the water surface from the exposed outdoors. Once completely closed it offers the client reduced heating of the pool and or spa by creating a type of solar heat by itself and then transferring that heat to the water and also by the heat not evaporating to the atmosphere on those cool days and or nights. It offers a piece of mind in regards to safety knowing that the cover is closed and that no one will be able to enter the pool. These covers are designed that a person(s) would be able to walk on. They are considered safety covers as once completely closed as a person is not able to enter the water without actually opening the cover via a coded switch and or a removable key. Automatic pool and or spa cover is not a winter cover and most be completely opened during winter mouths.